The ‘D’ Word – Rethinking Dementia

By Mary Jordan and Dr Noel Collins

This book offers an alternative to the present biomedical approach to dementia and the practical solutions that spring from that. The promises of future solutions in terms of a cure are non-viable if we truly understand the biological realism of dementia (the brain is wasting away and no amount of memory medicine can restore what is gone). What is important is to manage the problems we have now. At present we pass the management of dementia to low status, low paid, inexpert ‘carers’. Society needs to accept that dementia is a problem for all of us and the solution is to pay for the expert management needed. Since this solution is unlikely to be implemented this book shows how carers (both professional and family) can become the experts rather than relying on the inadequate response from medicine. If dementia is not a medical problem but a social one, then society needs to be the solution.

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Publication date: June 2017

Essential Carers Guide to Dementia

 Essential Carers Guide to Dementia “Tell me what to expect at each stage of dementia, and how to deal with it,”Mary Jordan’s clients frequently ask her. The advice she gives, one-to-one and in the courses she runs for a national dementia charity, forms the basis of this practical guide. In the Essential Carer’s Guide to Dementia, Mary explains what you can expect when you receive a diagnosis of one of the many causes of dementia and what you can do to manage life going forward – how you can slow the progress of symptoms and how you can maximise available support. The earlier you start, the better you will be able to cope.


About dementia; Build a team (and why you need to do this as early as possible); The system and how to work with it; Difficulties and challenges, including challenging behaviour; Communication; Behavioural tactics (why it has to be the carer who adapts); Retaining independence; Keeping occupied; Lifestyle (what slows the condition down); Health; Practical things; Caring for yourself

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Essential Carers Guide (Second Edition)

The Essential Carers Guide (Second Edition) A book for every carer who wishes they could find all the information they need in one volume. Illustrated with individual case stories, this book covers physical, social, and financial needs, across the stages of immediate, intermediate and advanced care.Buy On Amazon

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End Of Life – The Essential Guide For Carers

End Of Life – The Essential Guide For Carers “This book is more than a guide. It is like a friend, talking you through a very difficult subject and sharing experiences. There is so much useful advice on aspects that one would not normally dwell upon. Like a good friend, it doesn’t tell you what to do but suggests a range of options to help you make your own right choices.” – ‘Lucille Arnold’Buy on Amazon

The Essential Guide to Avoiding Dementia: Understanding the Risks

The Essential Guide to Avoiding Dementia: Understanding the Risks Do you worry that you have a high risk of getting dementia? Are you already affected? This ground-breaking book brings together information from a wealth of research papers and other sources that gives strong pointers about how changes in diet and lifestyle might reduce the risk or mitigate the consequences of dementia. Currently there is no cure or known cause for dementia, but the book reviews the empirical evidence on causes and connections – much of which is not usually disseminated to the public – so that readers can judge for themselves what might turn out to be true.

“presents the information we do have in a clear way, and draws together the results of various studies from around the world, to offer up the best current guidance on what we can expect if we develop the condition, and what we can do to protect ourselves.”

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Essential Guide to Life After Bereavement – Beyond Tomorrow

Essential Guide to Life After Bereavement - Beyond Tomorrow This book acts as a helpful and supportive road map through the initial period of loss, and through the weeks and months that follow. Practical matters are addressed as well as emotional needs and difficulties within families. This is essential reading for anyone coping with bereavement.Buy On Amazon